Quantum computing is often thrown around in conversations, bringing with it a sense of mystery and curiosity. People talk about quantum computing as if it’s some kind of magical device that will instantly solve the world’s problems, but is it really what it claims to be? I decided to make this guide to clear things up and give a hopefully comprehensive high-level overview of quantum computing.

A picture of one of IBM’s quantum computers

Before we get into the specific workings, let’s start with some uses of quantum computers to better understand what the hype is all about. Quantum computers can only do some tasks better than classical…

When I started learning about AI, I had no clue whatsoever the difference between these buzzwords that people commonly throw around. To me, they were just words, they were all the same. I’ll admit that it took me quite a while of looking around to get a clear understanding of the difference and how they work, and I’m here today to help save you the trouble.

Ok, so if they aren’t interchangeable, then how exactly are these 3 concepts different? I’m sure you’ve seen something like this photo before, with some vague description packed with mumbo-jumbo and brushed it off…

Victor Feng

I’m a 14-year-old innovator at TKS, and my interests are quantum computing and machine learning, but I’m constantly gaining new interests.

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